About the Project

The I-69 Ohio River Crossing is the key final connection of I-69 between Evansville, Indiana and Henderson, Kentucky.

It will provide interstate cross-river connectivity that will reduce traffic congestion and delays while improving safety for drivers. The project is divided into three sections for construction and project delivery.

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Section 1: Kentucky

I-69 ORX Section 1 is the approach work in Kentucky with improvements in Henderson extending from KY 425 to US 60. KYTC is overseeing ORX Section 1. Construction started in 2022 and is expected to be complete by late 2025.

Section 2: I-69 Bridge​

I-69 ORX Section 2 is a bi-state project between Indiana and Kentucky and includes the new four-lane river crossing. Construction is expected to begin in 2027 and be complete by 2031. Both states are looking for opportunities to accelerate the timeline.

Section 3: Indiana​

 I-69 ORX Section 3 is the approach work in Indiana with design development continuing. The design-build project let in 2023 with construction expected to begin in 2024 and be complete in 2026.

Project history

The I-69 Ohio River Crossing (I-69 ORX) is a joint effort between Indiana and Kentucky. The project published its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and received federal approval with a Record of Decision in September 2021.

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Project Timeline

Both states continue to look for opportunities to accelerate the timeline.