What are the preferred alternatives from the DEIS?

The DEIS identifies two preferred alternatives: Central Alternative 1A and Central Alternative 1B.  The route, bridge location, and lane configuration are identical for the two alternatives.  Both include a 4-lane I-69 bridge and retain one US 41 bridge.  The only difference is the tolling scenario:

  • Central Alternative 1A would toll both the I-69 bridge and remaining US 41 bridge.
  • Central Alternative 1B would toll only the I-69 bridge.

The tolling options are the only difference between Central Alternative 1A and Central Alternative 1B.

Both include a new 4-lane I-69 bridge and retain one US 41 bridge for local traffic. Both include 11.2 miles of new interstate, with the construction of 8.4 miles of I-69 on new location and upgrades to 2.8 miles of existing US 41 to meet interstate standards. New interchanges would be added at existing I-69 in Indiana, US 60 in Kentucky and at existing US 41 south of Henderson between Van Wyk Road and Kimsey Lane.

What factors determined that Central Alternatives 1A or 1B is the preferred alternative?
Selecting the preferred alternatives was a multi-step process that included leadership in both states, the community, and state and federal agencies. Central Alternatives 1A and 1B are the preferred alternatives for the following reasons:

  • Fewest residential relocations
  • No commercial relocations
  • Fewest impacts to the following resources:
    • Wetlands
    • Linear feet of streams
    • Floodways
    • Forested habitat and potential habitat for the federally endangered Indiana bat and federally threatened northern long-eared bat
    • Managed lands
    • Section 4(f) resources including publicly owned parks, recreation areas, wildlife and water fowl refuges, or public and private historic properties
    • Sites with recognized environmental conditions, such as hazardous substances or petroleum products
  • Cross-river route redundancy for the region
  • Lowest total cost

What happens next?
The public and affected agencies provided comments about Central Alternatives 1A and 1B at public hearings in both states and via several other communications channels. The decision on whether to recommend Central Alternative 1A or Central Alternative 1B (whether to toll the US 41 bridge) will be based on continuing financial analysis, federal grant availability and comments received on the DEIS. Once a decision is reached, the public and agencies will be notified prior to publication of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD).

What were the preliminary alternatives for a new I-69 Ohio River Crossing?
The I-69 ORX Project Team developed preliminary alternatives for each of the three corridors being considered for a new I-69 bridge and interstate connections. Based on further engineering analyses and after completing the Screening Report Supplement, West Alternative 1, West Alternative 2 and Central Alternative 1 were identified as providing the best opportunity to be financially feasible and address the purpose and need of the project.  A No Build Alternative is also carried forward for comparison.

West Alternative 1
West Alternative 1 included a four-lane I-69 bridge and retains one US 41 bridge for local traffic. West Alternative 1 keeps traffic in the US 41 corridor while maintaining businesses in the area.  It included a reconstructed US 60 interchange and new interchanges at Watson Lane and US 41/Veterans Memorial Parkway (north end).

West Alternative 2
West Alternative 2 included a six-lane I-69 bridge and removes both US 41 bridges from service. This alternative kept traffic on the US 41 corridor, but businesses along the west side of US 41 would be impacted. It includes a reconstructed US 60 interchange and new interchanges at Watson Lane, Wolf Hills/Stratman Road, Nugent Drive and US 41/Veterans Memorial Parkway (north end).

Central Alternative 1
Central Alternative 1 bypasses the US 41 corridor and includes a four-lane I-69 bridge and retains US 41 (south end), US 60 and Veterans Memorial Parkway. one US 41 bridge for local traffic. It includes new interchanges at

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