Why is the future of the US 41 bridges being discussed as part of this project?

Improving long-term cross-river mobility between Evansville and Henderson must include a discussion of the US 41 bridges. One bridge is more than 80 years old and the other is more than 50 years old, and maintenance costs are high. Indiana and Kentucky have spent more than $50 million on maintenance costs on the US 41 bridges since 2005. A report on the US 41 bridges finds it would cost an estimated $293 million to maintain the two bridges through 2062.

Under Central Alternatives 1A or 1B, which US 41 bridge would remain in service?

Due to its historic significance and serviceable condition, the northbound US 41 will be retained for two-way traffic.

What will happen to the southbound US 41 bridge that is removed from service?

A marketing plan will be undertaken to determine if there is any group or agency that would be willing and able to maintain and preserve the bridge. If there are no such groups or agencies found, the bridge would be demolished after construction of an I-69 bridge.

How old are the current US 41 bridges?

What is currently the northbound bridge opened in 1932. The second structure, which carries southbound traffic, was constructed in 1965.

Would the states consider making the old bridges bicycle or pedestrian facilities?

Because of the large expense to maintain the aging bridge, the small number of potential users and the lack of master planning for such facilities, current plans do not include maintaining one of the US 41 bridges for cyclists and pedestrians.

During the development of the project, the City of Henderson and Henderson County were offered the opportunity to assume ownership and responsibility of the bridge for this purpose, but each declined. Letters were also sent to Vanderburgh County and the City of Evansville encouraging them to contact Henderson and Henderson County if they wanted to discuss a possible partnership about the bridge.

How many vehicles cross the US 41 bridges each day?

The US 41 Twin Bridges carry approximately 40,000 vehicles across the Ohio River each day.


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