The I-69 ORX Project Team hosted two Community Conversations on January 23 and 24 to collect feedback about the DEIS. Learn more about those events

Spring 2018 Community Conversations

The I-69 ORX Project Team hosted six Community Conversations in April and early May – three each in Evansville and Henderson. Each offered residents a chance to talk with the Project Team about preliminary alternatives and tolling for a new I-69 bridge.  Approximately 255 people signed in at the events.

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Feedback received at the Community Conversations

  • Many people believe taxes should pay for construction of the new bridge and I-69
  • Many residents in Henderson are concerned they will be shouldering more of the burden than Evansville residents
  • Most accept a tolled I-69 crossing if one US 41 bridge remains free and in service
US 41 Bridges:
  • Many residents in both cities feel strongly that both US 41 bridges should remain in service
  • However, when asked, most agreed keeping only one US 41 bridge in service is acceptable if it is not tolled
  • Many people believe redundancy is needed in case the I-69 bridge is closed
  • Some asked whether trucks can be prohibited from using the US 41 bridges, or if the states could toll only truck traffic on US 41
  • Most attendees in Evansville favor Central Alternative 1 with one toll-free crossing
  • Residents in Henderson are passionate about which alternative is selected:
    • Many residents do not believe any road project should impact homes or businesses, so they favor Central Alternative 1
    • Some favor West Alternative 1 because they believe Central Alternative 1 would destroy the US 41 corridor by creating a bypass around the Henderson commercial corridor
  • Most attendees in both cities oppose West Alternative 2 because it would remove both US 41 bridges from service

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