Surveys and Feedback

In early 2018, the Project Team conducted several surveys to collect feedback from area residents, businesses, road users and the public.


The Project Team mailed 4,668 surveys to property owners in US Census Tract Block Groups with a minority or low-income population 25% higher than the corresponding rate for the project area. The survey was also available on this website.

The Project Team received 570 completed surveys.

Feedback about the project:

  • Support tolling if there is a toll-free option (41%)
  • Support a crossing regardless of tolls (27%)

Impact if I-69 was tolled and toll-free option remained:

  • Not impacted (54%)
  • Would use the toll-free route (24%)

Impact if both I-69 and US 41 were tolled:

  • Not impacted (34%)
  • Would travel less (16%)
  • Would shop elsewhere (13%)

Proposed mitigation for potential impacts:

  • Provide at least one toll-free crossing (44%)
  • Offer free or discounted tolls (13%)
  • No tolls (18%)

Click here to see the results of the business survey

The results of the February 2018 open house survey are available here

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