Section 2: I-69 Bridge

I-69 ORX Section 2 is a bi-state project between Indiana and Kentucky and includes the new four-lane river crossing.

Construction is expected to begin in 2027 and be complete by 2031. Both states are looking for opportunities to accelerate the timeline.

Section 2 Map

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Section 2 Timeline


I-69 ORX Section 2 will be supported by toll revenue supplemented by traditional federal and state dollars. A financial plan was developed in 2021 and will be updated annually until construction is complete.

Pre-construction activities are expected to begin in 2025 and construction is expected to begin in 2027. Completing this project is a high priority for both states, and they continue to look for opportunities to accelerate its completion.

Pre-construction activities will include design, right-of-way coordination, utility coordination and the procurement process.

Construction is expected to take about four years to complete.