Roundabout Ready

What You Need to Know

Six new roundabouts are being built in Henderson. There will be three located at the reconstructed KY 351/2nd Street interchange and three roundabouts located at the new US 60 interchange.

The first two roundabouts at KY 351/2nd Street are located west of US 41 and are expected to open to traffic in late summer 2024.

Using a Roundabout

A roundabout is an unsignalized one-way circular intersection that improves traffic flow, minimizes congestion, and increases safety.

Roundabouts are used to promote lower speeds and reduce conflict points, leading to improved performance.

Key Steps

Benefits of a Roundabout

Roundabouts are successfully in use across the country and region, with approximately 10,000 roundabouts in use in the United States.

**Courtesy of United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.

Roundabouts at KY 351

Roundabouts at KY 351/2nd Street will facilitate moving traffic on and off I-69 and east and west along KY 351/2nd Street.

Roundabouts at US 60

Be Roundabout Ready

Learn more and access materials that will help ensure you are Roundabout Ready!

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Getting Where You Need to Go

Take a virtual drive through several routes in the area.

Henderson County High School from I-69 South

Henderson County High School from I-69 North

Downtown Henderson from I-69 North

Downtown Henderson from I-69 South

Zion Road from Downtown Henderson

Downtown Henderson from Zion Road

Downtown Henderson
from KY 2084