Adams Lane Bridge: More Extensive Repairs are Needed

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Bridge will temporarily reopen to traffic before closing for longer-term repairs

More extensive repairs are being planned for the Adams Lane bridge over US 41. Crews working on Section 1 of the I-69 Ohio River Crossing closed the bridge to traffic earlier this month for planned rehabilitation work. When crews started to prepare for the new deck overlay, they were able to see the need for more extensive work on the bridge.

While crews determine next steps for improvements and wait for supplies, they’re planning to temporarily reopen the bridge to traffic. The bridge is expected to reopen Thursday, September 21.  

Because of the milling work that uncovered the need for more extensive repairs, drivers should expect a rougher driving surface when crossing the bridge. They’ll also notice steel plates when coming on and off the bridge.

The bridge is structurally sound to carry traffic, but the ride will be bumpier than motorists are used to when using the bridge. Conditions are temporary. Crews wanted to allow drivers to use the bridge while next steps are being planned.

The needed work will require a longer closure of the bridge than first anticipated. Originally, the rehabilitation work was expected to extend through the end of October. A new schedule for the start and duration of the work will be shared as next steps are developed. These improvements will greatly extend the life of the bridge.

As always, drivers should watch slow down, avoid distractions, and obey the posted limit in the construction zone.  

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